5G services beginning to pop up in Houma for AT&T customers

AT&T customers may have noticed something a little bit different on the home screen of their cell phone in the past couple of days.

5G services have started to be utilized in Louisiana, primarily by AT&T customers, though over the coming months, all providers are expected to grow their 5G web to blanket the country.

5G stands for 5th generation cellular network technology.

For users who have the new technology, they should notice drastically faster speed service. 5G is about 20 times faster than 4G given peak performance times.

5G also has a far lower latency in its service.

AT&T has rolled out the service in several major cities, including in New Orleans. Several others will be unveiled in the coming months.

Other service providers, too, have slowly started their roll-out, but only AT&T has published that they’re active in Louisiana with 5G services.


Like everything else in the world today, the race to put 5G has become somewhat political.

Some have claimed that the waves put out by 5G towers are harmful to the environment, animals and even in some instances, to humans.

There has been no reputable scientific evidence to back those claims, and several technological and medical leaders have said that the service is safe to use and the public will be safe once the plan is fully unveiled.