American Astronauts Wanted

Nasa announced it is accepting applications March 2-31.


The agency is seeking recruits for the Artemis generation of astronauts. These students must be U.S. citizens, and must have a Master’s degree in STEM – engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science, or math.

“We’re celebrating our 20th year of continuous presence aboard the International Space Station in low-Earth orbit this year, and we’re on the verge of sending the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. “For the handful of highly talented women and men we will hire to join our diverse astronaut corps, it’s an incredible time in human spaceflight to be an astronaut. We’re asking all eligible Americans if they have what it to takes to apply beginning March 2.”


The “Artemis” program seeks to put the first woman, and next man, on the moon by 2024. From there, Nasa seeks to create sustainable exploration by 2028, and take what is learned in this endeavor to aim for Mars.


Alternatively, those lacking Master’s degrees in STEM may still qualify: 2 years work towards a Ph.D program in a related science, technology, engineering, or math field; completed a doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathic medicine degree; or completed a nationally recognized test pilot school program.


Nasa also requires applicants to have a minimum of 2 years of related professional experience or at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in an aircraft. Candidates must also pass the Nasa long-duration spaceflight physical.


The new class is expected to be selected in mid-2021.


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