Arrested band teacher suspended indefinitely from position; TPSO releases details into his arrest

Michael Aucoin, the 28-year-old H.L. Bourgeois High School band director arrested for allegedly having sex with a juvenile on Monday, posted his $30,000 bond yesterday afternoon, releasing him from the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex while he awaits his trial.

The investigation into Aucoin started on Saturday morning, when Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office (TPSO) deputies responded to a call by the victim’s parents that their 16-year-old daughter was possibly having a relationship with a band director at her school, said Maj. Malcolm Wolfe during a press conference yesterday afternoon.

After receiving the initial information, investigators examined the minor’s cell phone, which had conversations between the victim and Aucoin from the last few months, Wolfe said.

Aucoin, who has worked at H.L. Bourgeois for five years, was then brought in for questioning on Monday, Wolfe said, and after detectives established that there was some “sort of sexual relationship” between the two that occurred within the last six months, Aucoin was then arrested on one count of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

“[With] a combination of the interviews and the messages, we can say that we’re confident that there was a sexual relationship going on,” said Wolfe.

Although the relationship occurred while school was in session, Wolfe said that TPSO has no current knowledge of any incidents happening at the school. The alleged sexual intercourse happened at Aucoin’s home on Bon Villa Court in Gray during the summer.

The juvenile was told by Aucoin to not disclose the relationship to anybody, “even her closest friends”, Wolfe said.

Wolfe said TPSO is in the process of doing search warrants, obtaining more information and establishing if there are any more suspicious encounters between the suspect and any other juveniles, which may lead to more charges. “…Since this morning, we received other calls from concerned parents, but we have not confirmed any further victims,” he said.

The suspect could receive in the area of “10 years or better” if convicted, Wolfe said.

Aucoin was indefinitely suspended – with further action to be taken when convicted or exonerated – from H.L. Bourgeois after his superiors were made aware of the charges.

“It was absolutely shocking,” Terrebonne Parish School District (TPSD) Superintendent Philip Martin recalled on when he was notified of the arrest. “This is an extremely serious allegation and we’re treating this situation extremely seriously. We’re handling it in the most serious fashion that we legally can,” he added.

Martin said that TPSD was not aware of any such behavior by Aucoin before his arrest.

“Obviously, the first concern is that if these allegations are true, there’s a victim here, and we’re dealing with that, making sure we’re doing other things to support the other side of this issue,” Martin continued. “Certainly, I would encourage any parents, with any question or any concern, to contact us. We’ll be glad to speak with you.”

TPSD can be reached at 985-876-7400.