Candlelight Vigil Held for Local Captain

Candles were lit, prayers were said, and lanterns flew in remembrence of the three men who went missing on the Mississippi River last Sunday.

Hundreds gathered, February 1st, at a candle light vigil held at PAC Marina for Lester Naquin Jr., and two other crew members who went missing after their vessel, the RC Creppel sunk after a collision.

“It’s not supposed to be that way,” said his father, Lester Naquin Sr. “All the years I had on the river, but I guess God had different plans for him.”

The cold breeze extinguished candles but wasn’t enough to deter crews from other vessels, family, friends, tribe members and others who gathered to pay respect.

The tone was somber, and the crowd, many in LSU colors, sang “It is well with my soul,” before letting lanters soar through the night sky.

The last lantern to be set free sank towards the water and an audible “awww,” could be heard from the crowd. Then suddenly the lantern slowly rose toward the stars.

With the final lantern departing from sight, Layne Pitre, Lester’s son, turned away and began to leave.

“I’m glad he got to see me get married. I’m glad he got to see his first grandchild. And a perfect season for LSU,” said Pitre.

As the vigil ended, the crowd left to view a slideshow and eat at Live Baptist Church.