Coast Guard urges preparation for hurricane event

Tropical Storm Ida forms in Caribbean
August 26, 2021
Dulac man injured in officer-involved shooting booked on charges
August 26, 2021
Tropical Storm Ida forms in Caribbean
August 26, 2021
Dulac man injured in officer-involved shooting booked on charges
August 26, 2021

The Coast Guard is urging boaters to prepare for the arrival of a hurricane threat throughout the Gulf Coast.


The following bulletin was sent out Thursday:


At 1300, August 26, 2021, the Captain of the Port (COTP) Houma has set Port Condition WHISKEY for the entire COTP Zone in preparation for Tropical Depression Nine. In accordance with the MSU Houma Severe Weather Plan, Port Condition WHISKEY is set when gale force winds are predicted to arrive within 72 hours.

• The following Waterways are closed or have restrictions in place: Port Fourchon is open with restrictions per MSIB 010-21. Bayou Chene is open with restrictions per MSIB 014-21. Bayou Boeuf lock is open with restrictions per ACOE Nav Bulletin 21-72. Vessel Traffic Center Berwick Bay will close to all vessel traffic once wind speeds reach 35kts.

• Vessels intending to anchor or berth within inland waterways should prepare to proceed to anchorage or berth prior to port closure. Vessels intending to weather the storm at sea should prepare to depart the port prior to port closure. Vessels intending to remain moored at a waterfront facility during the storm should prepare to proceed to a facility (if not already there) or shift berths as needed prior to port closure. It is required that all self-propelled oceangoing vessels over 500 GT and all oceangoing barges and their supporting tugs remaining in port complete a remaining in port checklist to ensure adequate arrangements are in place. The checklist can be found in the Coast Guard Prevention/Domestic Vessel Inspection tab found on Homeport ( The remaining in port checklist should be emailed to MSU Houma Waterways at

Weather Information: We continue to monitor the condition of Tropical Depression Nine currently located to the southwest of Jamaica. Tropical Depression Nine is expected to impact the Gulf Coast late this weekend and present a risk of storm surge, significant rainfall, and wind impacts according to the National Hurricane Center. All mariners and facilities in the entire Captain of the Port Zone Houma, including the Ports of Fourchon, Terrebonne, Morgan City, Iberia and Intracoastal City, are recommend to take appropriate measures as follows:

· Secure or remove all non-essential equipment, hazards, and loose gear.
· Secure or remove hazardous materials or cargos to a safe location, especially drums.
· Oil transfer terminals should prepare to drain all loading arms and hoses off hoses, and empty/clean small discharge containment prior to the storm.
· Mooring lines shall be doubled up and consideration given to the effects of a significant storm surge.
· Vessels ballasted to ensure maximum stability and safety.
· All side ports, hatches, portholes, and other openings shall be closed.
· All firefighting equipment shall be ready for immediate use.
· Maintain a continuous radio watch on VHF-FM Channel 16, 22A and associated Vessel Traffic Frequencies.
· Ensure that anchor and anchoring equipment is in good working order, with outboard anchors rigged at short stay.
· Spare mooring lines and or wire ropes are ready and available for use.
· All vessels transitioning through the Vessel Traffic Service Berwick Bay Zone are reminded that the special area will close once winds reach 35kts sustained. All vessels should exercise extreme caution and seek safe harbor or safe refuge if conditions become unsafe.

The COTP Houma will continue to monitor the weather conditions and ensure any new developments or changes are promptly provided to the maritime community through Marine Safety Information Bulletins and Broadcast Notice to Mariners.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the Ports and Waterways within the Marine Safety Unit Houma COTP Zone. If you have any further questions please contact the following:

Marine Safety Unit Houma Officer of the Day – 985-665-2437
Marine Safety Unit Morgan City Officer of the Day – 985-397-3300
Vessel Traffic Center Berwick Bay – 985-380-5374 / 985-380-5320