Committee Meeting Canceled: Council to Handle Essentials: Public Allowed to Speak

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March 22, 2020
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March 22, 2020

Terrebonne Parish committee meetings scheduled for tomorrow are canceled in response to the threat of the novel coronavirus. The issues will be discussed during the following council meeting which will be live streamed.

The Terrebonne Parish Council’s Committee meeting set for Monday, March 23, has been canceled. The issues will be discussed by the Parish Council on Wednesday, March 25, and be live streamed to the public. In a time of a health emergency, the Council can conduct measures behind closed doors, but members found it important to stay open to the public.

“According to the Attorney General, we technically could go into an executive session because of a medical emergency,” said Councilman Darrin Guidry. An executive session would mean the meeting would happen behind closed doors, “but we are choosing not to do that, that way people still have a chance to address the Council if they choose to.”

If people want to view the proceedings, but not address the Council, there will be a live streamed option. This option will be available on HTV, said Councilman Steve Trosclaire. The Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government website may have a livestream offered, but it is currently being worked on and may not be done in time, he added.

Those wishing to address the Council will be allowed in, but will have to go through a screening process downstairs which includes a temperature check and a questionnaire. If the person fails the temperature check, their speaker card will still be presented to the Council.

The speaker cards will be offered downstairs at the door, the Gabasse St. entrance, and the second floor entrance will be closed. Everyone attending the meeting, once past security will be brought upstairs two at a time. People within the chambers, council members and audience, will be seated six-feet apart from one another throughout the meeting.

“There are multiple protocols we are going under to at least do the essential business of the parish,” said Darrin Guidry.

Essential topics will be the only issues covered. All new items have been stripped from the agenda, said Darrin Guidry.