Connie Bourg announces candidacy for Terrebonne Parish President

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May 24, 2023
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May 24, 2023

Submitted by Connie Bourg: 



My name is Connie Fanguy Bourg, 66 years old, born in Houma and raised on Upper Little Calliou. I am the daughter of Stephen “Bill” and Norma Fanguy. I have been married to Lavis “Jay” Bourg for 47 years and have two children.  Our son is Jason (44) and our daughter is Katie (42).

I am a 1975 graduate of South Terrebonne High School and was a Rural Mail Carrier for 25 years.  My husband and I owned Lavis’ Auto Repair for 30 years, then owned and ran Lavis’ Conoco for another 12 years. We retired in 2015 and moved to Mountain Home, Arkansas for four years.  As beautiful as it was, we missed our community so much we decided we had to come home. Now that we are home, we want to be able to spend our final years here, where we grew up with a good quality of life.

To help reach that goal, I am running for Terrebonne Parish President as an ordinary citizen who wants to make a difference in our parish.  I am very passionate and driven to make sure our residents get all we are entitled to.  I believe in a common-sense approach to the way things are handled.  It is heartbreaking to see our waterways so filled with trash and drainage ditches full of lilies.

Many of you may know that I have been cleaning up roadsides, around bridges, and tall grass at intersections for months. I have participated in the White Boot Program and the Love the Boot Program.

We all know that Homeowners Insurance rates have sky-rocketed since Hurricane Ida.  I will diligently work with our new Insurance Commissioner to get the best possible outcome.

Our roads need attention to be better maintained for the safety of everyone. We must demand that our state step up and take care of their responsibilities to our parish.

Actions I would like to see taken are to have the entrances into Terrebonne Parish to look welcoming.  We need a homeless shelter where people can receive help to turn their lives around. If they don’t want to help themselves, we can show them where the parish line is. Our residents want to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods.  Veterans are being neglected and aren’t receiving benefits they are entitled to.

My door will always be open to listen to concerns of our people.  I am not a Politician.  I owe nothing to anyone.  I am eager to learn and listen to and for the best of Terrebonne Parish. Your consideration is appreciated.