‘EGGSperience’ Brimmed with Bubbly Children and Joyous Moments

Terrebonne Booking Log: 03/22/2021
March 22, 2021
FEMA Seeking Applicants to Join Disaster Recovery Team
March 22, 2021
Terrebonne Booking Log: 03/22/2021
March 22, 2021
FEMA Seeking Applicants to Join Disaster Recovery Team
March 22, 2021

The EGGSperience Event on Saturday, March 20th, created a pastel picture of precious moments for many families. Children skipped around with “egg-citement” as they engaged in many games that were directed by local vendors.

“I like them,” Chandler, child attendee, exclaimed.

Event goers, Courtney and Ashley along with Chandler, were colored with cheer as they strolled the event.  

“It’s amazing to finally be around different people and the kids love it,” Ashley stated.

Games, giggles, and glee grew throughout the day like a carrot patch.  “My favorite game is the one where you throw the egg into the basket,” Annalise explained.

Jodie and her two daughters, Annalise and Ainslee, bonded amongst the heartwarming festivities. 

“It’s nice, very nice,” Jodie said.

Children hopped along side parents to many different areas that bubbled with enthusiasm. Brandi, supervisor of a vendor tent, passed out bunny faces. They were made of popsicle sticks that hopped then plopped white whiskers onto children’s faces. 

“Today is awesome! We’re having fun,” Brandi exclaimed. 

Smiles also plopped onto faces if children opened an egg containing a sticker.  “It’s exciting! They’re jumping for joy when they get a basket,” she added.

While some children pranced and poked amidst bubbles, others interacted at activity stations.

Sye Broussard, with Broussard and Dove, Attorneys at Law, managed a tent where Easter Bunny houses were being built. Under the tent, children’s grins and goodness were also being assembled. 

“We’re just out here enjoying the weather and enjoying the day…out here just having some fun,” Broussard said. “It feels really good. It’s good to see everyone smiling again. It’s Springtime and I think good things are coming.”

EGGSperience fell on the first day of Spring and it shone with aspirations of the eventful future. 

“It’s going good…the crowd is pretty good. That’s the best part of the whole thing…somewhat normal,” Bryan McGehee said. 

“It’s a relief,” his wife, Emily added.

At their booth, GATR Coolers of Thibodaux, cups were being handed out due to the cancellation of Mardi Gras. Children also eagerly awaited prizes upon their table. During the main egg hunt event, about 25 GATR eggs were laid upon a softball field with alligators hidden inside. If a child found that treasured egg, they would win a trinket from the booth.  If they collected the grand prize egg, they would score a backpack cooler.  

“That’s the best part for us is everyone opening the eggs and just seeing the excitement,” Bryan ended.

The egg hunt consisted of 5,000 eggs that were sprinkled over ball fields at Bayou Country Sports Park, by age groups. Children sprang to collect their gems with their frilly Easter baskets. 

Vendors were also delighted to see the children’s reactions when they opened their prized eggs.

“It’s going to make us so happy! It’s going to make them happy! It’s just our way of the Terrebonne Parish Council to give back,” Jessica Domangue exclaimed.   

Domangue, Council Woman (District #5) stood by bountiful Easter baskets. Children that found the golden tickets won the sparkling prizes.  

“It’s fantastic! It’s so wonderful to see all the smiley faces and just seeing everybody just enjoying themselves,” Domangue said.

Patriotism and participance also sparkled amongst the venue.

“The Marine Corps League and the Auxiliary wanted to create a positive experience for the children of our community while demonstrating we can all unite under the American flag,” Diane Waalk stated.   

Waalk is with the Houma Terrebonne Marine Corps League (Department 475) and helped manage the games and projects shaded by their vibrant red tent. 

“We had some causes going on right this moment that we really wanted to shed light to,” she added.

The Marine Corps League is awarding $500 scholarships to four graduating seniors. They must submit an essay of 500 words on what service to the community means to them. The seniors must have a parent or grandparent that is a veteran. (Email sammymarcel@gmail.com for more information.)

The League also stood at cheerful attention handing out patriotic tattoos and stickers. Coloring sheets of the American flag were also offered to teach children the representation of the stars, stripes, and colors.

“We want to use this opportunity to spread cheer and happiness,” Waalk shared. 

Over on the splash pad, Erica Lambert, the coordinator of the Disabled Egg Hunt, found happiness in her mission to help special needs children experience the fun of the day as well. 

Disabled children explored the pad that rainbowed with 1,200 eggs tied to balloons. As they hunted for eggs, the sun made its glorious appearance over the clouds. It casted a spiritual ambience over the delightful children and their parents. 

“It’s pretty awesome! You never know how the turn out will be, especially with a public event. To see this many, it’s like, ‘I did it’,” Erica said with joy.

“I feel like after a year, the community has needed something. We were blessed to be able to try and keep as much distancing and safety factors involved and let people respect each other,” Dean Schouest, director of the Bayou Country Sports Park, said.

“It was really a great event! It was an amazing turnout…the turnout was phenomenal,” he added. 

Schouest wanted to bring joy to the community with the EGGSperience event. He also wanted to shine light on the Park and its amenities. 

“I had so many people walk up to me today and they were like, ‘I didn’t realize all of this was back here. A beach and other things?’” Dean stated.

The egg hunts were the spotlighted events of the charming day. Children pranced over the fields to fill their baskets with pink, yellow, and blue bliss.

“It was amazing, they loved it, every last one of them! No matter if it they were the first one through the gate or the last one through the gate…they all got eggs. Everyone made out great. It was definitely worth it,” Dean said with happiness. 

The EGGSperience event was made possible by Rachel Bridges, Event Manager.  She roped in the sun, memories, and the proceedings of the Spring filled day.

“I love kids, that’s all I do, is play with kids. I’m always around kids. That is the highlight and why I do this,” Bridges ended.