Rep. Tanner Magee

Election Day is not until October.

But last week, several local candidates learned that they will be claiming office for the next several years.

Multiple local candidates won election due to public office due to being the only candidate on the ballot.

Election qualifying was last week for the October election.

See the full list of local winners below. 

Congratulations to all have secured office. 

State Senator - 19th Senatorial District: 

Winner: Gary L. Smith, Jr., Democrat. 

State Senator - 21st Senatorial District: 

Winner: Bret Allain II, Republican

State Representative - 52nd Representative District:

Winner: Jerome Zeringue, Republican

State Representative - 53rd Representative District: 

Winner: Tanner Magee, Republican 

Lafourche Clerk of Court:

Winner: Annette Fontana, No Party

Lafourche Assessor: 

Winner: Wendy Thibodeaux, No Party

Lafourche Coroner: 

Winner: John King, No Party

Lafourche Council District 3: 

Winner: Michael Gros, Republican

Lafourche Council District 4:

Winner: Bo Melvin, Republican 

Lafourche Council District 7:

Winner: Armand Autin, Republican

Justice of the Peace - 1st Justice of the Peace Court: 

Winner: Desirea Rodrigue, Democrat

Terrebonne Clerk of Court: 

Winner: Theresa A. Robichaux, Republican

Terrebonne Assessor: 

Winner: Loney J. Grabert, Republican

Terrebonne Coroner: 

Winner: Victor E. Tedesco III, Republican

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