Veteran's Day

Fletcher Technical Community College honored Veteran's Day today by holding a special ceremony on its campus.

To honor the day, Fletcher also released publicly the winner of this year's Ellie Toups Memorial Essay/Poem Contest. 

Read the submission below. 


Alfred Joseph

Business Administration

2019 Veterans Essay/Poetry Contest


I took a vow to serve and protect...

As I honor the legacy of our fallen soldiers, hoping the world never forgets.

May the deaths of those who fought for this country, never be in vain.

Stand, not only for what you believe in, but also for the laws of our land.

Hand and hand we can make the change that would sustain our communities...

As we strive to obtain, and maintain every attribute of unity.

You and me together can weather the vicious storms…

We can motivate destinations by educating the mis-informed.

Keeping you safe from harm´s our mission.

And though things don´t always go as envisioned, we have honorable intentions.

Tensions rise as we strive to eliminate crime.

Making us either hero or villain, depending on discriminate minds.

Time after time we die in the line of duty, while trying to right the world´s wrongs...

Or end up killing in self-defense, our only intent is making it home,

So many soldiers dead and gone, others wounded for life.

Making sacrifice after sacrifice, continuously fighting for our rights.

New heights, with sights focused on liberty for all.

And, so that we steady rise, and never fall, we´re always on call.

Stand tall and be proud of all that we´ve achieved.

Anything is possible if in God we trust and believe.

We can succeed in anything that we put our minds to.

If only we find the time to research, begin, and strive through.

Many have dedicated their lives to you as a nation…

As well as to you as an individual of God´s creation.

My inspiration; The motivation that fuels my aspirations...

And ignites within me a fire that dispel all procrastination.

Let the administration of my dedication motivate and inspire.

As my actions, and thoughts help others aspire to build their empires.

Much is required from those to whom much is given.

And God has blessed me with vision, intelligence, and driven ambition.

Intuition, two ears to listen, and a mind to pay attention.

A purple heart, productive thoughts, and a wealth of good intentions.

Honorable mentions, and a team that shows support.

With integrity of the strongest fortress, baring walls that´s reenforced.

A source of strength, and power, love, and compassion, honor and respect.

The epitome of all that we mean by the motto, ¨To Serve and Protect.¨

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