Fletcher opens Fresh Market Food Store on campus; announces plans to upgrade Student Lounge and Student Atrium

Fletcher Technical Community College now has a Fresh Market Food Store on its campus.

Attendees of the Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours reception on Aug. 15 were able to get the first look at the new market, as well as seeing plans for an new, upgraded Student Lounge and Student Atrium on the campus.

The upgrades in the Student Lounge and Atrium were made possible thanks to a $100,000 gift the school received, of which will be used for scholarships from Mr. and Mrs. C.H. “Bobby” Burguieres, Jr., to the Fletcher Foundation.

The student lounge, which currently consists of standard tables and chairs will be repainted and will feature more modern, comfortable furniture with plenty of charging stations for devices.

The Atrium will also be repainted and refurnished. Both projects will be completed by Dec. 31, 2019.

“We are so very grateful to the Burguieres family for the very generous donation,” commented Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland. “These dollars will help our college continue to provide the best student experience possible. The funding, which will enable us to upgrade our lounges and provide scholarship dollars to students, will enhance the college’s ability to create community amongst our students.”

But the Fresh Market Food Store is open now and ready for business.

Adjacent to the Student Lounge, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Aug. 15 for the store, which is owned and operated by Premier Companies.

The store provides a wide variety of food and snack choices. Among menu items are fresh salads, parfaits, yogurt, sandwiches and home-cooked meals like meatloaf and chicken alfredo, among others.

Food options will change frequently and will always be made fresh.

A wide variety of beverages, chips, cookies and other snacks can be purchased and there is a small section dedicated to non-food items that students frequently need quickly.

Items are purchased at high-tech thump print recognition payment kiosks where customers can establish accounts for fast and easy payment.

Students and parents of students can also deposit a predetermined amount into the student’s account to act as an allowance.

The Fresh Market is open to students, staff and faculty. But it’s also open to the public whenever Fletcher is open.

“Fletcher Technical community college is honored to be able to celebrate two major milestones for the college this week,” commented Dr. Strickland. “The opening of the fresh market on campus will provide students with expanded food options while pursuing their studies. This new and innovative concept paves the way for campus dining services and we are excited to be able to launch this concept on campus.