General public required to wear masks inside City of Thibodaux buildings

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July 26, 2021
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From the City of Thibodaux:

The COVID Delta variant is impacting governmental operations statewide.  Based on the increase in COVID positives, hospitalizations, and the highly contagious nature of this strain, Mayor Tommy Eschete has made some decisions in order to protect the businesses, organizations and residents in the City of Thibodaux.  The members of the general public are required to wear a mask when inside City buildings.  The City of Thibodaux is implementing this mask mandate as a protective measure.  The City will not ask for or verify the vaccination status of the general public.  This mask mandate is the only current restriction for members of the public and may change based on any future restrictions mandated by the Governor.

The members of the public may see City employees without a mask.  The Mayor has mandated all unvaccinated or partially vaccinated City employees must wear a mask in daily operations, while vaccinated employees are not required to wear a mask.  In addition, the Mayor has established protective measures for employees that includes a validated list of all vaccinated employees, multiple available COVID vaccine sites for employees, temperature monitoring for employees with COVID symptoms, rapid COVID testing (at both medical providers and internal to the City) and the publication of latest CDC guidelines to all departments and employees.

The City of Thibodaux will continue to inform the public with the most current information as the situation evolves.  Mayor Eschete would like to encourage all residents to get vaccinated.

Read the latest CDC guidance here and use the self-check test to help determine early warning of a COVID positive: