Houma native to appear on ‘Today’ show to share weight loss story

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August 21, 2020
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August 21, 2020

A Houma native is set to appear on NBC’s “Today” next week and share her story of weight loss for millions of viewers across the country. 


On Thursday, in the wee hours of the morning, Georgia Malbrough woke up to messages from some of her Instagram followers saying her story got picked up by the Daily Mail. 


Malbrough — who is no stranger to being featured in publications, such as Yahoo News, Women’s Health and Point of Vue (PoV) — said she didn’t really grasp how big the moment was. 


“It was like 3 a.m. So I screenshotted it, and thought, ‘okay, I need to remember this,’ and went back to bed,” Malbrough laughed. 


The magnitude began to sink in when she received a phone call later that morning from a representative of the popular morning talk show. The contact, who read Malbrough’s story on the Daily Mail, told her the show wanted to schedule Malbrough for a live segment next week. 


“I wasn’t as nervous until I talked to a bunch of people and they said, ‘excuse me?’” Malbrough laughed. “…Now I’m very nervous.” 


“Honestly, I just want to go on there and just still be me, ‘cause that’s just kind of my whole thing: just the average me,” she continued. 


Excited for the opportunity to share her story, Malbrough added that she’s “starstruck” right now and thankful for everyone that has supported her throughout her journey. 

*At the time up publication, Malbrough was still waiting to find out which day next week she will be on the show.

Malbrough’s Story 

In Destin, Fla. on July 14, 2018 — her wedding day — Malbrough felt unhappy with her physical appearance after putting on her white dress. 


“You grow up as a little girl wanting to put on a wedding dress and feel like a million bucks,” she shared with PoV in May. “And I didn’t.”


She then promised herself to return to Destin the next year after improving her fitness and self-esteem. The mother of three found the right meal plan and fitness routine for her, then returned to that beach the following year — after shedding 100 pounds. 


Malbrough’s story has already impacted many individuals from across America. Her Instagram and TikTok accounts have a combined nearly 400,000 followers, and she regularly receives messages from those she has inspired by her progress. 


“Honestly, I credit it to just staying consistent,” she said. “…I did soak up a decent amount of media when it came to fitness influencers, and the common denominator was discount codes, branding. It was all about making money.” 


Even though she was pressured to start constantly pushing products as other influencers do, Malbrough said, she was thankful that she never did because “it’s given so many people so much hope.” 


“The amount of women that reach out to me every, single day is unbelievable,” she continued.  “And it’s overwhelming, but it gives me a sense of all that hard work that I’ve put into just being as simple as I possibly could to show that it was possible — was totally worth it.”


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