Houma Police Department

Tonight, neighborhoods throughout Houma will join forces to celebrate National Night Out Against Crime.

Several neighborhood watch locations will be hosting events throughout the city to celebrate the day, which is designed to send a message to criminals and let them know that law enforcement and the community stand "united" in efforts to fight crime and rid neighborhoods of issues that plague them.

The parties locally will be in the following locations:

-Bayou Towers NHW, which is located at 7491 Park Avenue, will kick of the event beginning at 4pm

-Bonne Terre Village, which is located at 7614 Main Street, will host an event between 5pm to 7pm

-Marina NHW, which is located at the Downtown Marina, 8228 Park Avenue will host their event between 5pm and 6:30pm

-Deweyville NHW, located at the Lee Avenue Park, will host an event between 5pm and 7pm

-Mechanicville NHW. Located at the Mechanicville Gym, will host an event between 5:30pm to 7:30pm

-East Park NHW, located at Cornerstone Church, 8337 East Park Avenue, will host an event between 6pm to 7pm

-Maple Association NHW, located at the West Houma Gym, 800 Williams Avenue, will host an event between 6pm and 7:30pm

-Mandalay Woods NHW, located in the subdivision, will host an event between 5pm and 8pm

-Blue Cliff College, which is located on Barrow Street in the Town Hall parking lot, will host an event between 5pm and 7pm


As the events take place, those attending are encouraged to secure their homes, turn on outside lights and spend their evenings with neighbors and police.

Many events will have various activities for kids and an array of food.

This is a night designed for communities to stand together to promote awareness, safety and neighborhood unity.

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