Hurricane Barry

Lafourche Parish Councilman Michael Gros said parish officials are being told that tonight could be the time for Lafourche's heaviest rains from Hurricane Barry.

Gros released a lengthy Facebook post detailing what he's hearing at the parish's EOC.

He said the westward jog Barry made overnight is good for Lafourche, but added that the heaviest rains are to the south and east of Barry's "eye".

By studying that southeastern quadrant and studying the timing that Barry will make landfall, experts say the heaviest of Lafourche's rains could begin at noon today and last through the night.

Gros said winds are not a severe problem in Lafourche, which just on the edge of Barry's wind field, but added that the area could receive more than a foot of rain, which would test drainage throughout the parish and could cause localized flooding.

Gros said no matter what happens, Lafourche officials will stay on top of the storm and protect the parish.

"We are looking a little better, but must remain vigilant," he said. "The strongest effects will actually be behind the eye of the storm."

Lafourche's EOC is on full 24-hour operations and is available to assist and members of the public in need.

Gros said the parish also has 18 evacuees in the Raceland Recreation Center. He also added that all of the parish's pumps remain 100 percent operable at 100 percent pumping capacity.

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