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Lafourche Parish voters voiced their clear support for public education this weekend at the polls.

Lafourche voters had four millage renewal votes on the ballot this weekend — involving various aspects of funding for the school system.

All four passed with more than 80 percent majority voting yes — a number that Lafourche Parish School Superintendent Louis Voiron said was a warm reminder of the commitment the community has to its kids.

“The Lafourche Parish School System is extremely excited with the results of the millage renewal election,” Voiron said. “All four propositions passed. … We cannot thank you, the people, enough for your support for public education in Lafourche Parish. The passage of these propositions do not create new revenue, nor do they increase taxes. They do, however, restore continual revenue sources that support general operations of the school system.”

The millage renewals combine to produce more than $20 million for the school system, which Voiron said support several of the fundamental costs the district incurs to be operational — salaries, maintenance and other costs.

During the lead-up to the election, Voiron and other School Board officials expressed their support for the renewals, citing their necessity to the board, while also touting some of the successes Lafourche Schools have had in recent year.

In late 2018, the Lafourche Parish School System was given an “A-Grade” by the Louisiana Department of Education’s district performance score. It was the third-highest rated school district in the entire state.

And voters at the ballot heeded those calls for support.

All four renewals are decade-long.

Proposition 1 passed 83 percent (5,001 votes) to 17 percent (1,038 votes), and it will renew an almost-90-year-old millage which is deferred into the district’s general account.

Proposition 2 passed 84 percent (5,077 votes) to 16 percent (965 votes). It renews a millage passed more than 30 years ago and is used for payroll.

Proposition 3 passed 83 percent (5,024 votes) to 17 percent (1,016 votes). It renews a millage passed more than 30 years ago that will be dedicated to maintenance of school board facilities and also new construction.

Proposition 4 passed 83 percent (4,985 votes) to 17 percent (1,041 votes). It renews a millage passed in 2012 dedicated to help the school system with retirement pensions for outgoing employees.

Voter turnout for the election was 10.3 percent.

Voiron said he wanted to thank voters for their support, adding that now that the election has been decided, the school system can get back to the bread and butter of its day-to-day operations: helping educate the children in our parish and guide them toward bright, prosperous futures.

“We are humbled by the overwhelming support and thank you to every person who went out and voted in this election,” Voiron said. “Thank you!”


Voters in the Town of Lockport had a millage renewal on the ballot to renew 5.24 mills dedicated to the town’s Fire Department for basic equipment and maintenance.

The millage passed easily 90 percent (722 votes) to 10 percent (79 votes). It’s a decade-long renewal.

Voter turnout was 14.5 percent for that race.

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Casey Gisclair is the Sports Editor at Rushing Media. A native of Cut Off and graduate of Louisiana State University, Casey is a lifelong sports fan who joined the Houma Times team in Dec. 2009 upon college graduation.

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