Landry announces re-election bid

After avoiding the question since it was announced that the district he represents would no longer exist after the next congressional election, Rep, Jeff Landry (R-New Iberia) announced last week that he will seek a return to represent south central Louisiana in what will be the new District 3.

The existing District 3 will be incorporated with what is now District 7 and home to Republican Rep. Charles Boustany.

Boustany has previously said he will seek reelection, as the two Republicans now contend for the same seat.

“I ran when no one said I could win,” Landry said. “But we won, because we ran on principle.”

Landry has gained backing from Tea Party supporters and is often referred to as a conservative’s conservative. “There are some Republicans who claim they are conservative, but vote like liberals,” he said. “It happens because they are more interested in keeping their jobs than fighting for your jobs.”

During his announcement, Landry went on attack against Boustany, claiming his counterpart from Lafayette votes to protect congressional benefits and his own career interests.

Landry said he takes pride in standing outside the political norm. He is known nationally for having displayed a “Drilling = Jobs” sign during a presidential speech and has frequently counted on a folksy approach to mix with constituents.

Landry is a former oil and gas business owner, and also worked in law enforcement. He is known as one of the most conservative members of Congress.