Larpenter asks locals to stay safe during rain event

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Larpenter is asking locals to stay home tonight – unless necessary – with Tropical Storm Olga in the Gulf.

Larpenter said the storm is not expected to be a serious threat to our area, but a rainmaker.

Our area has been soaked by rain throughout the day, and the accumulation of rains will make roads slick and could cause minor flooding – especially to low-lying and unprotected areas.

“We have no indications that [Tropical Storm Olga] will cause any significant problems,” Sheriff Larpenter said. “The National Weather Service predicts 2 to 4 inches of rain, and we are under a Flash Flood Watch, meaning localized flash flooding is possible.”

Larpenter said that deputies will be on patrol tonight checking water levels. At 2:15 p.m., Larpenter said some of our local bayous were high, but water is not yet on roads.

Larpenter asks locals to consider doing the following during the rain event:

• Try to stay off the roads tonight unless it is necessary to go somewhere.

• If you must be on the roads please exercise caution as well as courtesy.

• In the event some flooding occurs do not try to drive through high standing water.

“Our residents have considerable experience with waters running high and with flooding,” Sheriff Larpenter said. “Fortunately this passing weather system is not expected to cause anything more than inconvenience. Still we are on our guard and our residents should be as well.”