LDH: 507 new cases reported in Monday’s totals

Lafourche Tuesday garbage service canceled
February 15, 2021
Terrebonne: No curfew expected; transit, garbage collection suspended
February 15, 2021

Today, the Louisiana Department of Health is reporting the total number of cases has risen to 420,394. That’s 507 more cases since yesterday. 363,469 are confirmed; 56,925 are probable.


The state is reporting 33 new deaths, bringing the total to 9,325 deaths. 8,691 are confirmed; 634 are probable.


The total of presumed recovered as of 2/8/21 is 380,673, which is 17,216 more than last week.


Lafourche Parish is reporting, 8,861 cases. There are 6,859 confirmed and 2,002 probable. That’s 6 new cases since yesterday. They are reporting 192 deaths; 180 are confirmed and 12 are probable. Percent positivity for the week of Jan. 28-Feb. 3 is 8.00%, down 13.98% from the week prior, which was 9.30%. Incidence is 374.05.


Terrebonne Parish is reporting 9,241 cases. There are 7,420 confirmed and 1,821 probable. That’s 15 more cases since yesterday. They are reporting 190 deaths; 175 are confirmed and 15 are probable. Percent positivity for the week of Jan.28-Feb. 3 is 7.20%, down 32.08% from the week prior, which was 10.60%. Incidence is 284.63.


Statewide, there are 849 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, 137 are on ventilators. That’s 26 less patients since yesterday, and 5 less on ventilators.


The total of tests reported today is 5,705,234, which is 8,219 more tests than yesterday. There are 5,288,873 molecular tests and 416,361 antigen tests.


There have been a total of 105,816 tests in Lafourche (92,709 molecular and 13,107 antigen) and 103,703 tests in Terrebonne (94,417 molecular and 9,286 antigen). That’s 165 more tests in Lafourche and 114 more in Terrebonne since yesterday.