LDH: over 2,500 new cases reported in Tuesday’s totals

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February 2, 2021
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Today, the Louisiana Department of Health is reporting the total number of cases has risen to 404,194. That’s 2,580 more cases since yesterday. 352,277 are confirmed; 51,917 are probable.


The state is reporting 41 new deaths, bringing the total to 8,953 deaths. 8,375 are confirmed; 578 are probable.


The total of presumed recovered as of 1/25/21 is 344,321, which is 24,296 more than last week.


Lafourche Parish is reporting, 8,412 cases. There are 6,598 confirmed and 1,814 probable. That’s 90 new cases since yesterday. They are reporting 185 deaths; 174 are confirmed and 11 are probable. Percent positivity for the week of Jan. 14-Jan. 20 is 9.90%, up 2.06% from the week prior, which was 9.70%. Incidence is 449.47.


Terrebonne Parish is reporting 8,746 cases. There are 7,098 confirmed and 1,648 probable. That’s 70 more cases since yesterday. They are reporting 186 deaths; 172 are confirmed and 14 are probable. Percent positivity for the week of Jan.14-Jan. 20 is 10.40%, down 11.11% from the week prior, which was 11.70%. Incidence is 420.64.


Statewide, there are 1,440 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, 189 are on ventilators. That’s 37 more patients since yesterday, and 2 less on ventilators.


The total of tests reported today is 5,378,429, which is 50,350 more tests than yesterday. There are 5,010,521 molecular tests and 367,908 antigen tests.


There have been a total of 98,963 tests in Lafourche (87,600 molecular and 11,363 antigen) and 96,938 tests in Terrebonne (88,715 molecular and 8,223 antigen). That’s 967 more tests in Lafourche and 512 more in Terrebonne since yesterday.