LDH reports 3,615 new cases, with 1,741 due to backlog

Today, the Louisiana Department of Health is reporting the total number of cases has risen to 124,461. That’s 3,615 more cases than yesterday.

LDH has confirmed that today’s totals include a backlog of 1,741 cases since May 28. 

The state is reporting 27 new deaths, bringing the total to 3,937 deaths.

The total of presumed recovered as of 7/27/20 is 74,246. That’s 12,790 new presumed recovered since 7/19/20. The state is reporting 112 probable deaths as of 7/27/20.

Lafourche Parish is reporting 2,656 cases, 67 more than yesterday. They are reporting no new deaths, keeping the total at 96.

Terrebonne Parish is reporting 2,866 cases, 66 more than yesterday. TOHSEP and the state are reporting 80 deaths, 2 more than yesterday.

Statewide, there are 1,487 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, 240 are on ventilators. That’s 9 less patients than yesterday and 10 more patients on vents.

The total of tests reported today is 1,449,857 which is 55,947 more tests than yesterday’s report.

Locally, Lafourche is reporting 25,466 tests, 433 more than yesterday.

Terrebonne is reporting 26,615 tests, 627 more than yesterday.

**Tests reported here include those completed by the LDH Office of Public Health Laboratory and those performed by commercial labs and reported to the state. Tests are assigned to parish based on the residence of the individual being tested when possible. Some negative test results from commercial labs may not have been reported to the state. Some of the commercial test results reported to the state are from out of state.