Benny Cenac

A local entrepreneur is trying to tow the economy back up, by signing a deal to construct boats.

Benny Cenac, owner of Main Iron Works in Houma LA, announced a contract to have 4 inland towboats for Kirby Inland Marine. Construction has already begun, and all vessels are scheduled for completion by December 2018.

“In this down economy it is important to keep industry jobs on a local level and Cenac Marine and Main Iron works are honored to have a part in that,” said Emily Gautreaux, a spokesperson for the Main Iron Works. “Main Iron works will continue to produce high quality construction for the maritime towing industry no matter the status of the economy.”

According to its website, Main Iron Works specializes in construction, repair, and repowering marine vessels and barges. It has been in existence since 1942.

Kirby inland marine operates the largest fleet of inland tank barges and towing vessels. It currently operates 998 active inland tank barges and 302 active towboats. Its inland service area spans America’s inland waterway network including the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, the Mississippi River, the Illinois River, the Ohio River and numerous other waterways.

The boats will be built at Main Iron Works:

“It is always a pleasure to partner with world class companies that generate the same level of high expectations and success as we do at Main Iron Works,” said Cenac about the upcoming partnership.

The vessels are each 2680 BHP twin propeller conventional towboats: 88’x35’x12’2. They will be utilized in the transportation of a variety of petrochemicals, refined products, oils and liquid fertilizers.

The 4 towboats will be completed in 3 separate months: August, October, and December of 2018

According to his bio: Arlen “Benny” Cenac Jr. is a Louisiana-based entrepreneur with a global reach, an avid philanthropist to the gulf coast region and strong supporter of coastal wetland restoration. He is the third-generation owner of Cenac Towing Company, which was founded in 1927, and has led the company since 1981.

He serves on many committees such as: Nicholls State University College of Business Advisory Board, Nicholls State University Foundation and Restore or Retreat. Benny is also a member of Waterways Operators, South Central Industrial Association, Bayou Community Foundation and Greater New Orleans Foundation.

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