Correction: Local efforts being made to recall Gov. Edwards

Correction: A prior version of this article (found below) identified Larussa’s Lounge as a location for a petition signing event. After speaking with Dale Ledet, his location is not involved with this in any way and will be closed to outside business at the time of the event. We were incorrect in our original report and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.



Recently, two Eunice men filed a petition to recall Gov. John Bel Edwards, which needs 20 percent of registered voters to sign (roughly 600,000 people) no later than 180 days from Monday, August 31, according to reports. 


Local efforts are now being made to get support for the document and recall the Louisiana governor — with a petition-signing event scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 5 in Houma. 


Bourg native Kimberly Barber said she was not opposed to the COVID-19 safety measures when the pandemic hit Louisiana. 


“At first, of course, you try to do the best you can and try to keep everybody safe,” she said. “And almost from the first couple of weeks, for me, things didn’t seem to add up.” 


The pandemic is not as bad as officials said it was going to be, Barber said. “I don’t want to diminish COVID. It is a virus; it is killing people.” she continued. “I just don’t think it was on the mass scale that they thought it would be, shutting the world down, our country down and our state down for less than half of a percent of the population.” 


Barber added that the economy is being destroyed, causing people to be unemployed and suffering, and Louisiana should be past Phase 2 of reopening now that the numbers have decreased.  


Those interested in attending need to have identification and be a registered active voter in Terrebonne Parish to sign, according to Barber, who organized the event. 


She has already gathered 37 signatures, said Barber, who added that there are representatives of the petition in every parish. Barber also noted that anyone can download the form and sign it. “I just ask that they please turn them in to me so that we can get them to the right people,” she continued.


(NOTE: If you do choose to download the form to sign, please be aware that all that is needed is the information requested on page two of the document, along with your original signature, not a digital signature or a photocopy.) 


Barber said she plans on possibly doing two more events, one during the week and another one next weekend. 


If the petition gets the 20 percent of support, a recall election will be held that could potentially replace the two-term governor. (A detailed explanation of the process can be found here.)


“Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter if it’s someone that has the people’s best interests at heart,” Barber said.  “And I don’t think that’s John Bel Edwards at all.”