Local Historian Brings Findings Before The Council

Ronald Jon Chaisson II
February 6, 2020
Child support roundup focused on those who made no attempt to pay
February 6, 2020

A local historian showed Council and audience recent findings during Wednesday’s Council Meeting.

Margie Scoby, a historian with the Finding Our Roots African American Museum, showed off recent findings to the Terrebonne Parish Council. These were the identities and tales of those depicted in seven photos, showing ties between black families from Terrebonne and President Thomas Jefferson. The reveal of the family ties was originally presented at the Terrebonne Genealogical Society’s meeting Saturday, Jan 25.

“The bill of sale you see here is one of those sales that was placed in an ad[vertisement],” Scoby said. “Thomas Jefferson ended up selling a slave here by the name of Susan.”

For details of the findings, click here.