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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022

What started as a joke, and a unique way to raise money turned into serious cash for Bless Your Heart Nonprofit. “Hubig’s Pies are so nostalgic. With their return, we joked about getting our hands on one, and auctioning it to raise money for Bless Your Heart,” explained Ross Jambon, Bless Your Heart board member. “Once we put the pie up for auction on eBay, generous donors started saying that they would match the bid.”

“We had no idea that it would sell for as much as it did, but we are so grateful. The money raised from the auction will help us to make a positive impact this holiday season,” Jambon added. “One of the donors who matched the bid is from the bayou, but lives in Houston, Texas now. Even though someone may have moved away, their hearts are still here, and they genuinely want to help. That’s where Bless Your Heart comes in.”

Whether you live in a local community, or in Louisiana at all, Bless Your Heart has found success in bridging the gap. “We find that one of the best ways for us to give is to be the conduit between givers and receivers. People want to help, and give, but don’t know how. They also want a guarantee that their money will get to where it needs to be, and where it will have the most impact. That’s what we do,” Jambon explains. By partnering with countless local organizations during the holidays and everyday, Bless Your Heart is committed to improving the bayou region by addressing the needs of the people in our community.

Congratulations to Kris Rousse with Rousse Plumbing for placing the winning $560  bid for the delicious apple Hubig’s Pie. “To all of our bid matching donors, we cannot thank you enough! Just know that the $3,000+ that you all donated will impact lives this holiday season,” reads a statement from Bless Your Heart.

Bless Your Heart extends gratitude to the following donors:

  • Travis Terrebonne with Industrial Power Systems, LLC for $560
  • Vanessa Melancon Pierce and Lauren Melancon Guidry with Melaco Sisters Hardware & Supplies for $560
  • Trisha Serigny Doucet with Property Tax Partners for $500
  • Blanche and Mike Callais with Popie’s Place for $500
  • Jake Cheramie with CPM LLC for $250
  • Kyle Guidroz with Premier Construction & Electrical for $250

For opportunities to help Bless Your Heart or to make a charitable donation, visit the organization online.