Local salesman sells 3,000th automobile

The 3,000th hit is a significant milestone in Major League Baseball; it’s an exclusive club that most major leaguers hope to join. But there is another exclusive club regarding the number 3,000. It’s a prestigious club that one Chauvin native just joined.

Terrebonne Ford’s Yogi Naquin sold his 3,000th motor vehicle (Hyundai Elantra) around noon yesterday (Aug. 13), moving him into rare territory when it comes to car sales.

“It felt really good,” said Naquin, who has been with Terrebonne Ford for 19 years. “It’s just amazing to know that people have trusted me over the years with their automotive needs…And I got to thank God, first and foremost, for all my success.”

Not only is the number 3,000 noteworthy for Naquin but so is the number 13. He sold number 3,000 on Aug. 13, wore the No.13 basketball jersey in high school and on April 13, 1985, decided to be sober.

Naquin is involved in a 12-step program and feels blessed to be sober over 34 years, he said.

The 3,000th car was sold to Bryan Guillory Jr., whose family has previously purchased vehicles from Naquin.

You must work hard, be committed and able to accept disappointments, Naquin said, to succeed as a car salesman. “Then you can enjoy rewards of when you do sell someone a vehicle: they’re happy and you’re happy,” he added.

Meeting new people and becoming lifelong friends with them is what Naquin enjoys most about his job, he said.

“I just want to tell people thank you for all they’ve done and trusting me with all their automotive needs,” Naquin said. “And I’m going to close out as always on my radio commercials with the hashtag: #ITSEASYONTHEEASTSIDE.”