Providing the labor: USA Labor keeps companies happy

Geraldine Henry Dupre
May 31, 2017
June 1, 2017
Geraldine Henry Dupre
May 31, 2017
June 1, 2017

Louisiana’s marine industry is huge to the Tri-Parish area’s economy.

It provides jobs to thousands of Tri-Parish natives – income that feeds households all across our three parishes.

In such a wide-ranging field, countless hands are needed at all times for various jobs that arise on docks, ships or platforms.

That’s what Original USA General Labor is for – they employ trained professionals who are ready and able to do quality work in almost any situation.

Open since 1997 and owned by P.J. St. Pierre Jr., the company has two locations – one in Raceland and the other in Golden Meadow.

According to Executive Vice President and COO Damien St. Pierre, the two offices work hand-in-hand with each having a purpose.

“Both offices work hand in hand to ensure daily operations are handled” St. Pierre said. “That’s the way that our business is handled and taken care of.”

So what exactly does Original USA General Labor do?

Perhaps their website says it best – the company aims to “fill the ever-increasing gap between the workforce needed and the workforce available.”

According to St. Pierre, business has been pretty good as of late, even in the face of the current economic downturn in the oil and gas industry.

“Lately business has been better than average,” St. Pierre said. “It appears to be on the upswing, too, so that’s even better.”

One of the most appealing things about Original USA General Labor is the wide array of services that they provide to businesses needing labor.

The business provides pipe fitters and welders, combination welders and fitters, alloy welders, technicians and cable installers.

The also have experienced carpenters on hand, as well as blasters and painters.

“Original USA General Labor has provided many skilled and unskilled workers to job sites for both short and long term projects,” their website reads. “We specialize in finding employees that are hard working, trustworthy and qualified.”

But Original USA General Labor said it doesn’t want to be known as the stereotypical “day labor company.”

St. Pierre said that in addition to providing skilled labor, Original USA General Labor also does a check on all of its employees so that they can ensure that workers are quality people and quality technicians.

“We pre-screen all our employees, verify their previous employment and also their previous references,” St. Pierre said. “All of our employees are put through physicals, drug screenings and also our ever-growing safety department.”

Workers looking to get a job within the company should take note that qualifications within an industry are definitely preferred when looking to work for Original USA Labor.

But St. Pierre said that the company also has the ability to help workers to get certified if they are not currently.

“Experience and certifications are a definite plus,” St. Pierre said. “But along with our pre-employment process and safety presentation, we can also assist in obtaining necessary requirements.”

St. Pierre said that the most common crafts that Original USA General Labor provides vary from time-to-time, but currently there are two favorites.

“Our most common positions currently are riggers and roustabouts,” St. Pierre said. “But this can fluctuate with the times.”

Regardless of what is the most common need today, the company just aims to be ready and willing to assist anytime labor is needed.

St. Pierre said Original USA Labor takes pride is being able to provide skilled and unskilled personnel anytime any demand is needed.

He believes the company’s ability to always have workers ready is why things are going so well.

“We’ll provide riggers, forklift operators, crane operators, welders, fitters – really anything,” St. Pierre said. “Whatever a need may be, we take pride in being able to provide it.”

The local economy needs workers to fulfill its constant demand.

Original USA General Labor tries

its best to plug in the gaps – one job at a

time. •

USA Labor

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