Louisiana Government sites down after ransomware attack

Louisiana State Government websites are down and have been down since Monday after a ransomware attack.

Governor John Bel Edwards confirmed the cyber attack, which had taken down the Louisiana Secretary of State website for a lot of Monday. The attack is still affecting several government services, including the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles, among others. All DMV’s in the state are currently closed, as of noon on Tuesday.

Gov. Edwards said the state is fighting back against the attack and all services are expected to return to normal soon. No data is expected to be lost in the attack, according to the Governor.

“The service interruption was due to OTS’ aggressive response to prevent additional infection of state servers and not due to the attempted ransomware attack,” Gov. Edwards tweeted. “Online services started to come back online this afternoon, though full restoration may take several days.”

The Governor also tweeted giving Louisiana’s strategy for fighting the attack.

“OTS has confirmed that this attempted ransomware attack is similar to the ransomware targeted at local school districts and government entities across the country this summer,” Gov. Edwards said in another tweet. “There is no anticipated data loss and the state did not pay a ransom.”

Louisiana school districts in northern Louisiana were attacked earlier this year. Local districts weren’t affected, but they boosted their security to stay safe.