Mandatory evacuation order lifted in Terrebonne

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September 13, 2021
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September 13, 2021
Terrebonne Parish President Gordon Dove will lift the mandatory evacuation for Terrebonne Parish effective at 4:30 PM today, Monday, September 13, 2021. “With the restoration of electricity in most of the parish and businesses reopening, parish residents who evacuated need to come back home to help with the recovery. There is much to be done,” said Mr. Dove.
Hurricane Ida caused much destruction in Terrebonne Parish. While emergency efforts ramped up right after the storm to provide needed commodities to residents, the restoration of electric power and water service has been critical. So has communication. All three areas have made great strides and the daily improvements are noticeable thanks to many crews in the field putting in long hours.
Medical services in Terrebonne Parish have made steady improvements although neither hospital is fully operational yet. Emergency medical services are available at both Terrebonne General Medical Center and Chabert Memorial, although severe trauma patients will be transported to other medical facilities for treatment.
Residential garbage pick-up has resumed on its regular schedule. Storm debris (trees and tree limbs) pick-up is also underway. Clean up is underway, but will take time given the extent of the damage.
With the resumption of electric power, many businesses are open, including grocery stores, banks, and gasoline filling stations. However, lines and delays should be expected. These will diminish in time. Patience is requested.
“For the most part, damage assessment of critical infrastructure has been completed, or nearly so. Crews are working to restore power throughout the parish and get signalized intersections working again,” said Mr. Dove. Non-functioning signalized intersections must be approached with caution and treated as 4-Way Stops. Power poles in some areas of the parish are not easily accessible, but crews are using specialized equipment as needed. “Recovery is underway,” he said. “We are all in this together.”