Maria Immacolata Catholic School to close at the end of the school year

Maria Immacolata Catholic School is going to close at the end of the school year.

The Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux announced the closure in a news release issued yesterday, citing tough economic times as the reason for the closure.

The school was going to close at the end of last year, and the Diocese even announced the decision. But after a passionate meeting between faculty, Bishop Shelton Fabre and several parents of children at the school, it was decided that the school would be given another year to come up with a plan for sustained success in the future.

That time was apparently not enough to save the school over the long term.

“Despite its history and very strong legacy, over the last several years, the student enrollment and economic vitality of the school have fallen to a level that is no longer sustainable,” the Diocese’s release reads.

Maria Immacolata Catholic Church Pastor Fr. Joey Pilola announced the decision to parishioners and the school community on Dec. 1. Fr. Pilola told them that the decision was reached after consultation in late November with the parish council and finance council, as well as the school’s finance and advisory boards.

Bishop Shelton Fabre, diocesan senior staff and the Office of Catholic Schools all concur with and support the difficult decision announced by Fr. Pilola.

“While we sincerely regret that these actions are necessary, we remain dedicated to the mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux,” said Superintendent of Catholic Schools Suzanne Delaune Troxclair. “We recognize this is difficult news to hear, but we are blessed to have other strong Catholic schools nearby.”

Troxclair stated that the Office of Catholic Schools is working diligently to prepare resources to assist the Maria Immacolata families enroll in another Catholic school in the diocese next year.