The Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center is providing free, convenient access to a host of cancer screenings at its inaugural Live Well Bayou Event.

The event is in conjunction with Arlen "Benny" Cenac Jr. and Cenac Marine Services, and it will take place on Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Courthouse Square on Main Street in Houma.

Other health screenings, food and entertainment will also be available at no cost. Cancer screenings will include breast, colorectal, oral, prostate and skin, along with blood pressure and glucose checks.

“More and more we are learning that people don’t get the recommended cancer screenings due to a lack of time, awareness or other barriers, which can result in cancers going undetected,” said Johnnay Benjamin, director of early detection and education, for Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. “Due to the generosity of Cenac Marine Services, Live Well Bayou will allow the local community to receive education and early detection screenings in a fun and convenient environment.”

Every year, more than 600 people are diagnosed with cancer at Mary Bird Perkins TGMC Cancer Center. That's approximately 2 per day.

Screenings that will be provided at Live Well help with prevention and find cancer in its earliest stages when better outcomes are more likely.

“Everybody knows someone who has been touched by cancer, especially in a close-knit community like here in Houma,” said Richard Watkins, project manager for Cenac Marine Services. “We are extremely honored to be able to help bring these potentially life-saving services to the community. Not only can this event save lives, but it will bring increased awareness for all of our residents.”

In addition to the health aspects of the event, Live Well Bayou includes activities for the whole family including entertainment, children’s activities, door prizes and giveaways all included at no cost.

All screenings are available to those who have not been screened for cancer in the past 12 months. Appointments are required for breast cancer screenings only. To make an appointment for a breast cancer screening at the event, please call (866) 595-7244. All other screenings are open to the public and do not require an appointment. For additional information, please visit

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