Morgan City voters to elect four to serve on city council

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October 16, 2012
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October 16, 2012

Morgan City voters will elect four councilmen in the Nov. 6 election.

In District 1, 52-year-old Democrat and Morgan City High School assistant principal Tim Hymel will go head-to-head with retired fireman and 72-year-old Democrat Drue Clement.

Hymel, the incumbent, said that if he’s elected, he plans to open doors for more businesses and residential areas through growth promotion.

“We need to promote residential growth and battle the Federal Emergency Management Agency to open up more land,” Hymel said. “We need to develop land and bring in residents. If the population increases, we can get more businesses here, too.”

Clement said he would also seek to boost the city’s population by expanding housing.

“We need to build new subdivisions in Morgan City,” Clement said. “We have not had a new subdivision built here in eight years. I will work with landowners and the Army Corp of Engineers so that we can move forward with getting more land available.”

In District 3, 75-year-old Independent C.E. Pratt will challenge incumbent 59-year-old Democrat Ron Bias.

Pratt, a retired teacher, said that if he is elected, he would try and rally people of all ages.

“I want to make this hometown more pleasant for the elderly and the young,” Pratt said. “There are not enough jobs to keep the younger generations here. My children live all over the country, and it would be nice to have jobs for them here. We also need more recreation options for our children to keep them off the streets, off drugs and out of jail. We need to get adults involved in youth recreation.”

Bias, who has served two terms in office, said he would also look toward recreation.

““We need to address recreation, maybe by passing a tax to build a multi-purpose facility, and I will also address affordable housing for the low income and improve public housing,” Bias said.

In District 4, James Fontenot and Ronald Berry will run to replace outgoing Luke Manfre.

A 40-year-old Republican, Fontenot said he would look to make sure the city’s rules are followed more closely.

“We need to enforce the ordinances that are already in place,” Fontenot said. “We have blighted structures, grass that needs to be cut and crumbling sidewalks. We need new residential developments and new subdivisions. I would also like to see more economic development. We need to bring in new business to town and maybe utilize some of the old buildings that are empty.”

Berry, a 55-year-old Republican, said he would more closely watch how the government spends its money.

“I believe we need accountability for the spending of our tax money and to make sure that we are spending it the very best way to get the things we need,” Berry said.

The final seat to be filled will be in District 5 where incumbent Louis Tamporello Jr., will be challenged by Mac Bruno.

A two-term councilman, Tamporello said he would like to work with the city’s new mayor to create more housing.

““We will have new mayor, and we will have to work closely with the new mayor,” Tamporello said. “Morgan City needs more housing. We are land locked because of the Federal Emergency Management flood restrictions. We need to see to the new construction of a new power plant. I will work closely with the fireman, the police and our youths.”

A non-party candidate, the 36-year-old Bruno said he would also shift his attention to the city’s youth.

““We also need more things for our youths to do. The town also needs to be more technology friendly, like being able to pay power bills on line,” Bruno said.