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Nicholls State University received a huge honor by – an online educational resource for students, teachers and parents with over 40 million monthly users.

The local university placed 45th in’s 50 Best Colleges for Education Majors. Nicholls was the only college from Louisiana on the list.

“Getting a degree in education is a great first step. We’ve compiled this list focusing on schools that are both accessible and affordable while not compromising quality to help you choose the perfect school to pursue your dreams of becoming a teacher...,” reads the introduction to Study.coms rankings. “’s rankings are unique in that they emphasize accessibility, affordability and quality of education, which we considered the most important attributes in our ranking lists.”

To create the list, researchers from the website gathered statistics from the Department of Education and reviewed reports of students.

Their rankings are comprised of accredited, non-profit public and private schools.

“Students and graduates at Nicholls State University, a public university in Thibodaux, LA, rave about the school, and for good reason,” wrote about Nicholls. “Faculty here strive for inspiration and engagement, students can join thriving on-campus clubs like NEAT (Nicholls Education Association of Teachers) and most get help paying for school with scholarships like the Camille Hebert Memorial Scholarship In Education and the Braxton Hebert Memorial Scholarship In Education.” continued to highlight more accolades of the Nicholls College of Education and Behavorial Sciences.

“Nicholls State University offers numerous programs, including an Associate of Child Development and Preschool Management, an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership,” the website concluded.

“The College of Behavioral Sciences is known for its impact on the community with alumni making up more than 80 percent of Bayou Region teachers, and 90 percent of the Lafourche Parish Teachers of the Year over the last five years,” reads a press release by Nicholls.

Nicholls’ achievement comes as no surprise to local educator Caleb White, who graduated from the university in 2012 with a degree in Education.

“I think the professors there are really willing to help you if you go talk to them and you have issues,” said the South Terrebonne High School teacher and head boys’ basketball coach. “Locally, I think it’s the best choice for education. I’m biased, obviously, because I haven’t been anywhere else, but I would definitely recommend it.”

White, who was honored earlier this year as a 2019 Inspirational Educator at Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence’s (TFAE) Annual TFAE Celebrates Excellence banquet, said he chose Nicholls because he wanted to stay local and heard great things from his parents who both attended the university.

“...I liked how you had to take your general education courses. They taught you about how to teach and how to approach...” explained White on how the Nicholls College of Education and Behavorial Sciences fully prepared him for a career in education. “But then you were able to specify in a certain curriculum. So, for me, I was social studies, so I took my history classes that I was really interested in. Then, education was kind of like a supplement to that for me. It was balanced.” •

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