Bayou Teche Brewing will no longer produce Colonels Retreat Lager

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Grab your Colonels Retreat while you can! 


In a statement issued by Nicholls State University Alumni Affairs Director Katherine Mabile, it was announced that Bayou Teche Brewing will no longer produce Colonels Retreat Lager: 


“Bayou Teche Brewing has informed us that they will no longer produce Colonels Retreat Lager. They are altering their business model and as a result, will no longer distribute any product outside of their microbrewery. They have been wonderful partners and we wish them the best of luck in the future.


Because of this, Buquet Distributing will deliver their last shipments of Colonels Retreat to Bayou Region establishments in the next week, where they will be available until supplies run out.


This is not goodbye. Colonels Retreat was developed by our community for our community and has been successful since it was introduced in 2019. Together with Buquet Distributing, we are continuing to talk with other breweries across the state and the region to find the right partner to bring Colonels Retreat back to our stores, our stadiums and our homes as soon as possible.”