Presidential Preference Primary Approaching

Primary elections are soon, and the Terrebonne Registrar’s Office reminds people to get out and vote.


The Presidential Preference Primary is incoming and the Terrebonne Registrar Of Voters wants to remind people of the deadlines. These are closed ballots, meaning Republicans and Democrats can only vote for their nominees. Independants are a recognized party in Louisiana, but did not have a candidate who qualified this year.


March 4th is the deadline for mail in of in-person registering for a party. Online changes have a bit more leeway with a March 14th deadline.


“People don’t think about an election until it’s election day,” said Rhonda Rogers, Registrar. “So when I’m ready to go vote, I’m ready to go vote on election day, and when I get there and I’m told, ‘Oh wait, I can’t vote the ticket I want to vote,’ there’s a problem.”


Each parish has a different ballot, and Rogers currently has 8. She said those interested can visit, or use the geauxvote app. The app is produced by the Secretary of State.


“Louisiana is one of the first states to have this, and it’s really taken off,” said Rogers.


Early voting takes place from March 21-28 at the ROV’s office from 8:30a.m.-6p.m.


Election day, itself, takes place on April fourth, from 7a.m.-8p.m.


For any questions concerning voting such as current status, or precincts, Rogers said people can visit the website or call her office: 985-873-6533.