Protecting you and yours: Pullaro Insurance bringing stability

Hurricane season brings with it an array of uncertainty and unknowns.

As storms make it to the Gulf of Mexico and develop, different models predict different paths and strengths for each one. Families must prepare for the worst while there is no certainty their efforts will end up offering any utility.

If a hurricane does indeed bear down on the Louisiana coast, residents can choose the rigors of a long evacuation, oftentimes slogging through traffic, or try to ride out a potentially dangerous storm at home. One brings the unknown of both the road ahead and the fate of valuable property left behind, while the other brings the danger of rising water and limited resources if things take a turn for the worst.

For those in either camp, the aftermath of a storm can bring the new challenge of assessing damage and being made whole. Families have to find out what felt the wrath of the storm and needs fixing, and how to cover that. Bryan Pullaro and his Allstate business look to bring some semblance of certainty to Bayou Region families.

Pullaro is a personal financial representative based out of Houma. His company provides car, homeowner and life insurance in addition as other products and services. Aside from making sure the most valuable parts of a family’s well-being are covered in the wake of misfortune or tragedy, Pullaro can help build people’s wealth through financial planning. On his company website, Pullaro credits his knowledge and understanding of the local community with his ability to provide top-notch service to his customers.

“I look forward to helping families like yours protect the things that are important – your family, home, car and more. I can also help you prepare a strategy to achieve your financial goals,” Pullaro wrote.

Pullaro has a team of support staff to assist in finding the right insurance plans for every customer. Denise Champagne, Rachael Hines, Wanda Talbot and Sharon Pontiff make up the sales support staff at Pullaro’s Allstate branch.

In addition to the local team providing quality service on the front-end, Allstate’s overall quality translates into dependable coverage, according to Pullaro. He wrote of Allstate’s 80+ years of service and its financial strength and superior claims service to bring that dependability to customers across the country. Pullaro noted Allstate received an A+ rating from the ratings firm A.M. Best. Pullaro and his local branch strive to bring that quality service and level of satisfaction to the Houma area. With the hurricane season hitting its busiest period, the uncertain summer months seem to take on an even larger intensity. Pullaro works with his team to provide as much peace of mind as possible in the short-term while also planning for more long-term prosperity.

“I’m committed to helping you protect what you have today and prepare for tomorrow,” Pullaro wrote. “I understand the importance of thinking about the ‘big picture’ when it comes to your financial future. From life insurance to retirement, I’m committed to helping you reach your financial goals.” •

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