Recreation issues

Members of an embattled Terrebonne Recreation District 2-3, already accused of numerous open meetings law violations last year, may have done it again Thursday.

The rec board announced that it was hiring an attorney, had the attorney present, but had little discussion.

Asked during the meeting as a point of order who had made the decision that an attorney was needed, board chairman Gary Beeson said it was he. But he also said he had discussed the potential with two other boards members, Ivey Bernard and Bobby Arceneaux.

Three members of the 5-member board is a quorum. State law says “walking quorums,” where board members make a decision through a series of conversations without airing the matter in public, is a violation.

Board members had also received a proposal from the firm, Watkins, Walker & Eroche. But they did not discuss it at their meeting and did not have a copy of it for the public to view.

The Times submitted a request to the board secretary for a list of which other law firms were contacted, since Beeson said others were spoken with. He said he did not know which firms.

Questions about the Board’s concession receipts, which were the subject of an investigatory report in this week’s Times, were not answered.

(That story can be read by clicking here)

Jeff Motichek, the parent of young athletes who gave Beeson a number of question about the the concession issue and who did the initial math shedding light on the issue, asked his questions again.

Beeson said he would wait for an audit that Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government plans to have done by the firm of Bourgeois Bennett.

This is a developing story.

Senior Staff Writer John DeSantis is a veteran journalist and author who grew up in New York City, but has spent most of his career in the Bayou Region. A specialist in criminal justice, he enjoys boating and historical research.

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