Record setting temperatures to cause record setting electricity usage

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June 21, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Entergy is expecting to see the highest energy usage by its customers that the company has ever seen, in the days ahead. This follows a week of high temperatures that spanned across much of the U.S. bringing record-high heat to some areas.

“Such high temperatures lead to customers using more electricity,” said Jason Reynolds, vice president of system planning. “When there’s a high level of demand for power all at once, or over a short period of time, we must match that demand with available supply from resources located throughout the region. We are diligently working to ensure we have sufficient power for our customers, so that power disruptions can continue to be avoided.”

Entergy’s seasonal planning and preparations are performed on an ongoing basis to help reduce the risk of the demand for electricity exceeding the supply. The company has a detailed plan for extreme hot weather, which includes power plants and transmission operators taking steps to maintain the balance of supply and demand on the grid and actions to reduce the risk of generation or transmission facilities tripping offline. “We will continue to take proactive measures and closely monitor the weather. Above all, we want our customers and employees to remain safe under extreme heat conditions,” added Reynolds.

Entergy offers the following tips:

Stay safe in extreme heat- Safeguarding employees against the effects of high heat is critical; you may see crews hydrating often and taking cooling breaks. Customers should keep their safety and well-being first, too. Limit your time outdoors, drink plenty of fluids, keep an eye on others, and know the signs of heat illness.

Conserve energy usage, save on bills- When temperatures outside spike, more energy is typically used. This can result in higher-than-standard monthly bills, which can be an unwanted surprise. There are ways to stay comfortable and keep your bills down, like closing blinds and curtains to block the sun, keeping your thermostat no lower than 78 degrees, and instead of using your electric stove or oven cook in a microwave oven or an outside grill.