Schoolplies Aims to Better Education

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Schoolplies, LLC gives parents a peace of mind when it comes to school supply shopping. No more going to the store and finding your child’s class list. The local company caters to teachers and parents by offering teacher-tailored and customized school supply kits.


The company partners with schools to learn what supplies teachers require for their students. From there, the company orders the supplies, creates the customized kits, and can either ship it directly to the parents or to the designated school. The process is quite simple!


Parents can simply go to the website,, select the child’s kits, and “click and buy!” They also offer payment plans. The company said, “ We at Schoolplies believe that everyone deserves to enter the classroom feeling confident and competent. We know that preparation develops confidence in students.” The company prides itself on making tools accessible to all students.


Founders Allie and John Casey are a brother and sister duo behind the company. They pride education preparedness while encompassing their values: Faith, Family, Community, Innovation, Education, and Accessibility. Both have a Masters in Business Administration. John has 10 years of experience in the family’s distribution business, while Allie has seven years in the family business in various capacities. Both Allie and John share the passion for making the process of preparing students for a successful education journey. “We both share the goal of not wanting to just be another business, it’s much more than that. We want to be advocates for our pride of Louisiana education,” John said, “we want to give back.” He said they have a goal of giving back $250,000 to Louisiana schools and they would also like to eventually expand outside of Louisiana to the rest of the Gulf South. “We need to also entice other businesses to do the same, hopefully we can help our education improve,” John said.


Allie has experience in an after school tutoring program where she would help students that were trying to get away from the bullying and violence in their neighborhoods. When COVID-19 forced the state into a lockdown, Allie said it affected their family tremendously. Many of their family members work in the education system and they were all distraught for the students. Many of these students were forced to be in a place where it was not safe when they were quarantined. “We knew we had to create something, a company, that focused on the students and their well-being but also acknowledged the need to support the well-being of parents, teachers, and schools.”


The passion behind the company is evident when speaking to Allie and John. They wanted a business where they can give back. 5 percent is donated back to the school with every kit purchased. Donation kits are also available on the website. They do extensive research and only use high quality products for the kits to make sure the students have exactly what they need to be successful. They are proud of the innovative products that are high-quality that they offer. Allie said, “We’re here to add value to the classroom, to be able to help with a student’s journey, and be education advocates.”