Sheriff Soignet reminds citizens to be careful, cautious regarding COVID-19

As Terrebonne Parish heads into the Fourth of July weekend, Sheriff Tim Soignet expresses his best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday. This year in particular, being safe means looking out for everyone’s health and well-being, Sheriff Soignet said, remembering that older citizens face serious consequences from COVID-19.


“This weekend we celebrate our freedom, but with that freedom comes great responsibility, and it’s my hope everyone will exercise it,” Sheriff Soignet said. “Our older citizens are at risk for contracting this virus from younger loved ones, who may have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all. We are all personally responsible for doing everything we can to keep them safe.”


Owners and employees of all businesses doing business with the public are reminded that they must wear masks, even though customers are not required to. Sheriff Soignet said an additional  vital line of protection is proper social distancing in all situations where possible.


“It’s my hope that everyone understands the importance of these strategies, which protect our citizens most at risk, and lessen the chance of additional restrictions in the future,” Sheriff Soignet said. “Young people are being exposed to the virus with no idea they have it. But they are still carriers capable of causing great harm to loved ones. Among those at greatest risk are relatives old enough to have fought in wars that helped give us the freedoms this holiday commemorates. Let’s not let them down now, when they need us most. I am asking the good people of Terrebonne Parish, especially our young citizens, to step up, and take personal responsibility for the safety of friends, neighbors and loved ones. We’re all in this together.”