Small piece of ring levee lowered to remove equipment

A photo was posted on an online watch group, SL Scanner, this morning showing a cut in the South Lafourche Ring Levee System near Golden Meadow.

The Levee District said that’s part of a planned project to remove a crane from the levee, and that if weather conditions warrant, the levee will immediately be closed.

The Levee District sent out a release this morning announcing that the upper levee crown for a small section of the levee near the Golden Meadow Park has been removed. The degrading was done to remove a large crane from the levee project that has been working on substantial levee improvements to the system for the past two years.

Officials with the Levee District said the crossing work will last approximately 5-7 days. During that time, officials will be closely monitoring the work and adequate equipment and resources are available and are on side should the levee need to be re-closed.

The Levee District said it wanted to re-assure citizens that a plan is in place to preserve flood protection of the area and quick adjustments will be made, if needed.