Superintendent to Announce Waiving of Educational Hours

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March 16, 2020
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March 16, 2020

Terrebonne Parish School District is waiving hours lost as a result of closures caused by the novel coronavirus.

Last week the Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced the state has waived the hours lost due to closures as a result of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, and Terrebonne Parish Superintendent Phillip Martin said he will announce today that those hours will be waived, Monday, March 16.

“In the past we’ve had to make up the time because there is a minimum number of instructional minutes required by law that you have to meet,” said Martin.

Because the Governor waived this requirement, TPSD can waive these time requirements. As of this moment, said Martin, the plan is that TPSD will remain closed until April 13, and everything after that time including graduation will remain the same.

“No one knows what tomorrow will bring with this. Two weeks from now it could all be resolved,” said Martin. “Or we may be at the very beginning of something we never even imagined.”

Martin explained that because of the Easter holidays falling right when the schools are set to resume from the viral shutdown, TPSD is considering continuing classes through the break, because otherwise children would miss 5 weeks of education.

Right now this possibility remains undecided, “it will be dependant on what course the virus takes, and health concerns happening on the 14th,” said Martin.