Support for the Health of the Mississippi River is Needed

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May 13, 2022
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Restore the Mississippi River Delta is asking for public support regarding legislation and a Lower Mississippi River Comprehensive Management (LMCRM) study.

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is asking for support to assure the LMRCM study is funded. The organization said the study is key to managing flood protection, navigation, and restoration needs along the lower Mississippi River. “This study not only impacts Louisiana, but all the states tied to the economic and environmental lifeline of the Mississippi River,” the website states.

The study is critical for flood protection, navigation & ecological restoration that benefit the entire nation. The restoration needs for the lower Mississippi River are the result of the ecological impacts from nearly a century of federal actions.  Currently, a bipartisan group in Congress is proposing to drop the requirement for a local cost-share for the study and place the burden where the organization said it belongs – with the federal government. They state the study is important because it is vital that LMRCM is funded at a full federal expense so it may advance without delay. Your support, which is a simple form submitted online, is important for the advancement of the study. The form can be found here.

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is a coalition of Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and Pontchartrain Conservancy. Together, they are working to rebuild coastal Louisiana’s nationally-significant landscape to protect people, wildlife, and jobs. Their work is made possible through the Walton Family Foundation and according to their website, their mission is to advance an equitable, safer, and flourishing coast for Louisiana’s communities, ecosystems, and economy.