Terrebonne Government is Not Closing Businesses, says Dove

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March 20, 2020
TGMC Gives Update on COVID-19 Policies
March 20, 2020

The Terrebonne Parish government has no plans to close businesses in the parish except those affected by the Governor’s executive order.

Parish President Gordon Dove sent out a statement Friday, March 20, to quash rumors that the parish government was closing businesses. According to his statement, the only businesses to be shut down are those covered by Governor John Bel Edwards order: bars, restaurants, gyms, health clubs, and bowling alleys. He also stated that there is no curfew.

It should be added that restaurants, including cafes, coffee shops, or any other food serving entity can operate as a drive-thru.

“The coronavirus issue is an event that is changing daily if not hourly,” said Dove. “I am implementing measures to ensure the safety of the Parish. We will have to experience a little inconvenience and think of solutions that we are not accustomed to.