Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District: Five floodgates of Morganza-Gulf system damaged during Ida

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September 15, 2021
Mona Lodrigue
September 15, 2021

Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District:

As a result of Hurricane Ida, 90% of Terrebonne Parish sustained significant damages, including five floodgates of the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System. Although there was a great deal of debris on the levees, particularly in the Lower Chauvin area, none of the levees were breached or overtopped. The five damaged floodgates are: HNC “Bubba Dove,” Humble Canal, Bayou Petit Caillou (Cocodrie), Bush Canal and Placid Canal.

Most structural damages were at the HNC, where four pins and the pivot arm pulled apart when the high winds caused it to detach from its seal. Currently, it is in Houma being repaired and will be completed by Saturday when it will travel to its location in Dulac and be put back in place, as early as next week. This barge gate will have to be dry docked this winter for more permanent repairs.

Humble Canal experienced damages to its underwater pilings and pulled out the pivot arm, causing it to partially flip on its side. Mechanically, it is functioning; however, there is no underwater support for the barge. The plan is to start installing the support piles in the next two days.

Bayou Petit Caillou in Cocodrie experienced high water, which caused all the mechanical and electrical system to malfunction. Repairs are underway and the gate should be somewhat functional early next week.
After the debris has been removed and the mechanical problems addressed, the Bush Canal and Placid Canal gates are now operational. These gates will also require further repairs in the winter months.
Due to these damages and the inoperability of the three of our floodgates, we experienced some minor high water, especially in the Montegut and Dulac areas from TS Nicholas. The TLCD crews have been monitoring this situation very closely. High tide was at 7:00 am and is currently falling. There is no need for any evacuations, as the highest water levels have already occurred.

We executed contracts today to begin removal of the debris on the levees between Montegut and Chauvin. If anyone has recoverable property such as boats, fuel tanks, or other personal property, please contact Sgt. Dakota Fitch at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, who will assist in coordinating the return of your property. For boats or other registered property, you will need to provide proof of ownership.

Our staff, consultants, and numerous contractors have been working around the clock to get these repairs completed and restore the protection to our community.