Terrebonne Parish Council Committee Meeting Recap

LDH reports 2,654 new cases, slight rise in hospitalizations
January 26, 2021
LDWF Stresses Safety After Three Recent Boating Fatalities
January 26, 2021

Terrebonne Parish Parish Council held its weekly Committee Meetings to discuss business between the Public Services Committee, the Community Development and Planning Committee, and the Budget and Finance Committee. Last night, the council voted on resolutions related to emergency repairs to the Buquet Bridge in Dulac, budget amendments for 2021 and project approvals. The council was also presented up-to-date information and statistics regarding COVID-19 in Terrebonne Parish.


“This week’s percent positivity was 11.7%, which is down from the last two weeks, which it was 16%,” said Earl Eues. “Hopefully, the new number will come out Wednesday, and hopefully it’ll be below 10%.”


Eues said that according to the coroner’s office there had been 163 reported COVID-19 deaths in Terrebonne Parish as of January 25. This week, there were 3 deaths, and two weeks ago there were 5 deaths. Three weeks ago, Terrebonne Parish had 714 new cases, with numbers slightly decreasing over the last two weeks to 556 new cases last week and 430 new cases this week.


“I attribute the downgrade in the number of cases due to the holidays being over, and school being back in session. Typically, people don’t go out as much when their children are in school,” Eues said. 


The council passed a motion to amend the 2020 Road Maintenance Priority List to include Buquet Bridge as number one priority to allow for emergency services. A second motion was also passed to declare emergency action to address these repairs.


“This bridge is in definite need of repairs. It’s going to be out for probably a couple of months. I think the scheduled date is February 1 through March 26…Actually, this is going down at a decent time in terms of the seafood industry because this is very much a bridge of commerce,” said councilman Daniel Babin.


Babin also specified that all traffic would be diverted onto Shrimper’s Row in Dulac. 

Shrimper’s Row is a residential area, with a posted speed limit of 35. Babin stressed the importance of maintaining proper speed through this detour.


The council also introduced an ordinance to amend the 2021 Adopted Operating Budget and 5-Year Capital Outlay Budget of the TPCG. Included in the amended budgets are $6,000,000 for CARES Act-Transit, $100,000 for Isle de Jean Charles Road Improvements and $1,300,000 for Ashland Landfill Road Extension.