Terrebonne Parish Council Committees Give COVID and Housing Updates

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January 11, 2022
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January 11, 2022

The Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government Committees met last night to discuss a few matters including the latest COVID updates and housing initiatives.

COVID has risen significantly across the country and Terrebonne is no exception. Mike Toups updated the council with the latest numbers. The number of cases as of yesterday was 23,267. Since December 13, 2021, there have been 3,318 new cases, and in the last two weeks, there have been 2,825 cases. Toups reported the average number of cases per day is 232. There have been 304 deaths due to COVID in Terrebonne Parish and there have been 227,794 as of yesterday. There have been 10, 263 tests in the last two weeks, and 6,839 done last week. The average number of hospitalizations since December 13 is 9.45 per day. Just last week, the average of hospitalizations was 23.6 patients per day and the number of hospitalizations just yesterday was 32. Vaccinations are up to 46,778 that have been initiated. That’s 41.55 percent of Terrebonne Parish that is vaccinated.

Councilman Carl Harding (District 2) commented after the report on how important vaccinating, masking and sanitizing are. He commented that in his personal experiences, the vaccination has kept his family safe from severe illnesses and hospitalizations. “People in Terrebonne Parish, people across Louisiana, we still are offering opportunities for vaccinations, booster shots, free, and we would like for you to do is not just look at these figures and be in awe because of the figures. I’m actually advocating for sanitizing, masks, social distancing, and taking these vaccines. It is my plea to you.”

Chris Pulaski then updated about housing initiatives. Dulac and Montegut base camps have been closed and the Chauvin camp is closing by the end of today, January 11. There are 25 occupants in the Chauvin camp but they all have found some sort of temporary housing. Scott Lane base camp has 150 occupants and Williams Avenue has 23 occupants.

He updated the number of travel trailers from the state that are in Terrebonne Parish, 1,150 trailers have been deployed and 931 are occupied on private sites. There are 103 that are occupied on the group site at Rebecca Plantation and some that are at the Civic Center for essential workers. That’s a total of 1,034 occupied. He reported that GOHSEP requested for washers and dryers to be made available at the group site because they realized that the units have the amenities.

FEMA has 1,463 direct housing units that are being arranged to be delivered and there are more they are assessing every day. They have 97 occupied so far and these numbers are as of Thursday. Councilwoman Jessica Domangue commented on certain services available to the group site. She voiced her concerns from comments from her constituents such as mail and bus services. This sparked a conversation around amenities that are not available such as school buses and internet service. They have announced that they are working on the bus services, washers, and dryers, and will look into mail service at the group housing.