Library Books

Does your child have a past-due library book?

Well, the Terrebonne Parish Library System is willing to overlook the fine.

But, the young'in will have to do a little reading first.

The 'Read Away Fines' program will allow child-aged library card holders to eliminate their fines by reading library collection materials, be it books, magazines or manga.

All reading must take place in one of the nine library branches.

“The Terrebonne Parish Library encourages childhood reading. It’s imperative to a child’s development. Children are the library’s largest customers. We do not want to prevent them from taking books home to read,” says Mary Cosper-LeBoeuf, director.

'Read Away Fines' is a movement happening in libraries all across the country from Queens Public Library in New York City to San Jose Public Library in California.

The Terrebonne Parish Library System is proud to take part in the growing trend, encouraging local children to read, rather than preventing it by causing people to avoid the library because of past-due fees.

Students must check in with a clerk at the circulation desk to register. The clerk will then have to fill out a ‘Read Away Fines’ form. For every 15 minutes of reading time, a student will earn back $1. The student is asked to report back to the circulation desk once his/her reading is complete.

Certain stipulations do apply. Students cannot read away the cost of a lost item, read ahead for fines not yet accrued, or read away fines from another patron’s card. Students also cannot exceed $10 per year.

Please contact your local branch library for any questions regarding the ‘Read Away Fines’ program. Branch information, including location and contact number, can be found at

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