Terrebonne Waterworks Announces a Change in Disinfectant

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January 10, 2022
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January 10, 2022

Monday, January 10, 2022, Consolidated Waterworks District No. 1 announced they will change back to their primary disinfectant, chloramines, which are a mixture of chlorine and ammonia as prescribed by the Safe Water Drinking Act of the Federal EPA.


They requested and were granted permission by the Louisiana Department of Health to change to free chlorine following Hurricane Ida to assure drinking water safety. The free chlorine has done its job and we feel confident that this change will only enhance the safety of your drinking water.

The change will not affect the consumers, the department stated. Your water will continue to be monitored as always to assure its safety and quality. You may notice that the smell of chlorine is less than before but that’s it. The water will remain safe for human consumption.

Visit www.tpcw.org, or visit the Louisiana State Department of Health’s website, www.la.gov.org, for a more detailed explanation of chloramines in the drinking water. They said they are also always available to discuss at greater length your concerns or questions, so please feel free to contact the department. They are located at 8814 Main Street in Houma and can be reached at (985) 879-2495.