TGMC, Ochsner expand partnership at Chabert

Citing financial opportunities, Terrebonne General Medical Center and Ochsner will expand their collaborative efforts in managing Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center into a more formal strategic partnership.

The partnership will create a greater opportunity to focus on shared savings and decrease the overall healthcare costs while maintaining quality of care, according to an announcement released Monday.

The entities say the relationship will allow them to meet the goals and challenges of healthcare reform while staying independent. They will take advantage of joint purchasing ability and also develop data and analytics to concentrate on supply chain movement and other large organizational expenses to reduce the cost of delivering care.

“This partnership is an example of two leading organizations coming together to build upon our common vision to lead in a time of change,” TGMC President and CEO Phyllis Peoples and Ochsner President and CEO Warner Thomas said in a joint statement. “The new business model created by this partnership provides strategic benefits to both organizations, reflective of the greater cooperation and coordination needed among health systems as we prepare for the future. This is a natural progression of our existing relationship and together we will build upon our unique strengths and deliver far more to the people of the tri-parish region than we can individually. We look forward to expanding our ability to collaborate.”

Terrebonne General Medical Center and Ochsner have announced their intent to expand their current collaborative efforts in managing Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center. The partnership will allow a greater opportunity for shared savings, a statement announcing the agreement said.